Values and sustainability


We want to build houses with a strong focus on architecture and sustainability. The construction industry accounts for an all too large part of the footprint we make on the planet. That's why we want to turn over every stone and find ways to optimize resource use and make the best and most sustainable material choices, minimize waste, and maximize the life of the materials.

We use materials according to a palette that is well recognized in our Nordic building tradition. Mud paint, core pine timber and linseed paints among others. As much renewable as possible. Together with cellulose fibre insulation and modern type-approved building systems, this provide a house that is well adapted to our Nordic climate. A climate that is predicted to become more extreme in the future. This places greater demands on how we build. But we love when tradition meets innovation.

We are seeking ways to run our business in more sustainable way.

If you have a idea or initiative that could help us get better please let us know.

-         We run our vehicles on Ecopar

-         We support carbon storing initiatives such as Svensk kolinlagring.

Sustainable timber. Thanks to the great efforts made by company Plockhugget, the timber we use will help change the forestry system. The goal is no more clear-cuts.