Our Houses


Our motto is that a house should both stand out and blend in at the same time. That sentiment resonates well with us.

Our building system is based on the ancient traditions of timber framing, with a modern Scandinavian design, and comfort level. Our ambition is to build houses that reflect a modern lifestyle and that address the challenges our society faces.

The visible timber structure is the supporting system and replaces glulam beams, steel beams, load-bearing interior walls and trusses. This gives us the opportunity to create the exciting and open floor plans that distinguish our houses, while the beautiful craftsmanship adds genuine details and visual quality that adds value to the house.

Our encapsulation system is a very effective way to go from naked frame to weather tight building. The structural integrity of the frame allows us to build small wall panels offsite. When the frame is raised, we simply add them on the outside you could say. Though there is a little more to it, well worked out system that gives us some great benefits.

  • A very airtight vapor brake. We build with diffusion open systems, which means biological materials that allows vapor to travel, but airtight to prevent convection and moisture accumulation in the insulation.
  • The wall panels consist only of materials that can handle a little rain, which makes raising day a lot less stressful, and a timely delivery more likely. We can also store the panels unheated. This would be a problem with interior finish grade materials.
  •  Cellulose fibre insulation is pumped in after the house is fully weatherproof.
  • Electricians and other craftspeople can do their thing as usual. No special experience is required.
  • Interior panels or cladding is easily installed behind the frame with no or very little time consumed. This also gives an opportunity for the handy customer to cut costs and get dirty.
  • We get a high level of completion in a very short time onsite.
  • Working offsite means we can produce the house and foundation at the same time.
  • We spend most of the time in the workshop, less travel, less stress, and an easier life. Happy builders, happy house